Gründl Haahr

Turun Linnanniemi
- A Landscape Lost and Found

TYPE: Strategisk byudvikling, Kulturmiljø
STED: Turku, Finland
ÅR: 2020
KLIENT: Turku Municipality
STATUS: ‘Top Category’ i åben international konkurrence
SAMARBEJDE: Magnus Thiemer Jensen, Arkitekt MAA

Turun Linna was founded on an island in 1280 overlooking the mouth of the Aura river. Throughout history Turku Castle has always been closely connected to the banks of the Aura river and the topography of the Archipelago Sea. Here it marked the gateway to Finland.

The project seeks to restore the relationship between Turku Castle and the landscape of the Aura River by bringing forth the historical conditions of the area. The castle quay is reestablished along with the defensive moat of the 19th century. The now disappeared islet of Multasaari is conceptually recreated as a new museum islet in the Aura River. As the location of the new Museum of History and the Future it serves as a gesture that tells the story of the historical landscape, topography and nature of Turku.

Juryens formand udtaler i dommerbetænkningen:

» The partial restoration of the shoreline brings the Castle close to the riverbank and highlights its location at the end of Linnankatu. The proposal is strongly based on landscaping, which leads to a successfully calm approach towards the Castle and a beautiful connection to the Museum. Abundant outdoor spaces are beautifully linked to the main concept. … Strong reshaping of the island of Multasaari that currently does not exist fades the articulated shoreline created by the port operations. The Museum of History and the Future is located on Multasaari island, carved from the artificial land area, that also is a reminder of the historical stages of the city. … The “reintroduction” of the Linnalaituri wharf in a manner that makes the “baana” route run along it is a rather insightful solution in terms of the structure and orientability of the block structure. «

– Minna Arve, Mayor of the City of Turku. Chair of the jury.